We carry a full line of single-reed making tools and supplies.

Inside you will find:

  • Reed Cases
  • Clarinet and Saxophone Reed Making Tools
  • Reed Working Glass and Reed Clippers
  • Clarinet Selections by Buffet Artist Robert DiLutis
  • Custom Selected Robert DiLutis Mouthpieces and Reeds
  • Lots of tips and help


Robert DiLutis, clarinet
Yin Zheng, piano details

Price: $19.95


Robert DiLutis

Clarinet Mouthpieces

Price: $49.95

The Reed Machine Reed Clipper details

Price: $75.00

Clarinet Selection
I will personally select Buffet Clarinets for your trial. I have been selecting instrument for top professionals around the world for the past 10 years.
Mouthpiece Selection
Just let me know what your looking for and I will select or make a DiLutis Mouthpiece to your needs.
Clarinet Repair
Complete Repair Shop. Call or email for estimate and appointment.

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